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Schedule of Benefits:


Hole in One:    
Hole in One Limit in any official club competition or recognised GUI / ILGU event:    
Vouched Bar Expenses incurred on the day, in the club bar €250 £200
Unvouched (at the insured's discretion) €100 £80
All Risks Cover:    
Golf Equipment: €4,000 £3,000
Personal Clothing: €750 £500
Section Deductable: €50 £40
GPS / Electronic Golfing Aids: €500 £300
Section Deductable: €100 £90
Personal Liability:    
Limit of Indemnity: €2,600,000 £2,000,000
Operative Time:    
Whilst on the premises of any golf club or whilst playing golf or whilst representing your golf club    
on any golf business or activity.    

Personal Accident

Death aged 18 - 65 years: €150,000 £125,000
Death aged 18 - 65 years in F/T employment: €150,000 £125,000
Death aged over 65 years & 18 and under: €50,000 £37,500
Loss of Sight in one or both eyes: €150,000 £125,000
Loss of Hearing in one ear: €37,500 £25,000
Loss of Hearing in both ears: €150,000 £125,000
Loss of one or more limbs: €150,000 £125,000
Permanent Total Disablement: €150,000 £125,000
Temporary Total Disablement: €250 per week £200 per week
Dental Expenses: €10,000 £7,500
Medical Expenses - Ireland: €3,300 £2,500
Medical Expenses - Worldwide ex Ireland:

€30,000 (No Age Limit)

£25,000 (No Age Limit)
a) of the vertebral column (other than the coccyx): €1,500 £1,300
b) of the pelvis: €1,200 £1,000
c) of the skull (other than the nose or teeth), breast bone, ankle or one or more bones of the leg: €500 £400
d) of the collar bone, elbow, wrist or one or more bones of the arm: €250 £200
e) of the rib or coccyx: €100 £100
f) other fractures €40 £40
Facial Scarring: €3,000 £2,500
Hospitalisation (€50 for maximum of 20 days) €1,000 £800
Coma (€100 for maximum of 26 weeks) €2,600 £2,080
Section Deductable:    
In Respect of Medical and Dental Expenses: €30 £22


Injury to themselves as a result of a golfing accident under the Personal Accident section. If the member is injured on the course by a green fee player who does not have insurance, the member can claim for injuries and medical expenses under the Personal Accident Section of the policy. See Schedule of Benefits.

Hole in One cover/Personal Accident Cover not readily available under a household policy.

The cost of insuring Golf Equipment on an All Risks basis is more expensive on a household policy.

All of these benefits also operate when members are representing the club anywhere in the world.


Cover for Golf Buggies

Cover available to participating Aon Golfcare Members.
Contact us to arrange your golf buggy cover.

Click here to download our Golf Buggy Booklet

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